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They have extensive knowledge, skills and qualifications from years of working as financial & business advisors. They lay it all out for you, from the value of your business, to options for succession planning that are custom tailored for your goals. They start by getting to know you – what makes you tick and identifying your objectives.

I highly recommend Joe and Diane with Legacy Advisors Arizona. They are outstanding advisors, confidantes, mentors, coaches or whatever it is you need to accomplish your business and financial requirements.

Scott Boyer
National Document, LLC

For 5 years, my partners and I have worked with Joe and Diane at Legacy Advisors Arizona. They are Diamondback Design Group’s business consultants. We needed help and guidance on developing our exit strategy and Joe and Diane jumped in and spent the time to get to know our business inside and out.  They also recommended top-quality local resources on the legal side of the business to assist in finalizing our Operating Agreement, Employee Agreements, and Handbooks.  Getting these items in place, among other things, will allow our business to continue to grow and become more valuable to meet our future plans.

I highly recommend Joe and Diane to any small to medium size business looking to build a successful business with an appropriate exit strategy.

Terry Johnson, President
Diamondback Design Group

I just wanted to take a moment to officially thank everyone at Legacy Advisors Arizona (LAA) for taking our business sales from a vague concept to a completed transaction.

When I first walked into your office, all I knew was it was time to retire from the corporation that had been my life’s work for 30 years. We considered selling to a local, private buyer, finding a strategic partner or taking the search nation-wide before settling on the plan of transferring ownership to key employees.

That seemed simple and straightforward, but over the next 12 months you showed us that doing it correctly required a lot of thought, discussion and negotiation. LAA stuck with us the whole time, steering a course through a maze of choices, financial terms, carrybacks, tax incentives, legal issues, stock sales/asset sale, promissory notes, life insurance and partnership agreements.

Diane Thomas deftly represented both the seller and the buyers… and everyone knows how challenging that can be. In the end, she navigated all of the pitfalls, kept moving it forward and got us to the finish line. Meanwhile, Joe Scheid designed the strategy that made the whole plan work.

Everyone walked away confident that the price was fair, the terms were agreeable, contingencies were covered and we took full advantage of favorable tax strategies. Both parties were happy and all agreed that we would never have been able to get a deal done without Legacy Advisors Arizona.

Thanks again,
Manufacturing, Custom Cabinetry & Furniture – Phoenix, AZ